THQ announces new WWE '13 promotion allowing you to put yourself on the cover of the game

by: Nathan -
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THQ has announced a new promotion for WWE '13 through a new facebook app which will allow you to have your face placed on the cover of WWE '13. Fans got the opportunity to do this during SummerSlam Axxess but now everyone can do it. 

All you have to do is like WWEGames on facebook and then at the top of the page click on the new "Be On The Cover" application. Once in the application you can take a new photo from you webcam or upload an existing picture you have and put said picture on the box art. After you re-position and/or edit the photo you can make it your cover or profile photo and then save and print the file to the exact size to fit inside your game case whether you're on PS3, Xbox or Wii.

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WWE '13 hits the squared circle next week on October 30th. Be sure to check back next week for our review! 

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