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Darksiders:Wrath of WAR was a  game I was really curious about going into the THQ Gamer’s Day. I hadn’t been able to find a lot of information on the title but what I did find looked promising. In the game you play WAR, one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse who’s been betrayed after the apocalypse and is now looking for revenge. 


OK so the plot sounds a bit reminiscent of another game with the word War in the title but Darksiders is another open world title and much more non-linear than its Spartan based rival even if the two games have a lust for blood and gore and ability to pick up glowy orbs when you take out a bad guy. We didn’t get to see a lot of the game at the event, as the developers were giving a fairly staged run through the game, but what I did see was very impressive. 

The game certainly benefits from having comic book stalwart Joe Madureira on the team and the game benefits from his art and writing skills. The game also allows you to use almost everything in the game as a weapon including the bad guy. This includes being able to pick up and throw smaller enemies to the ability to ride larger ones. Of course it’s also fun to pick up a light pole and impale someone with it as well.

WAR also has the benefit of having his WAR steed in the game. The horse can be used as a weapon as well as a mode of transportation and he is required for certain levels of the game. Since he’s got the magical mojo going you can summon and dismiss your ride at will and can pull off cool moves like mid-air mounts.

Outside of a sword and guns WAR has some cool supernatural abilities on his side as well. You can fast switch between some of these abilities which gives the game an ever so slight Devil May Cry feel. The action looks really good and the worlds are very well done. I’m actually pretty stoked about the game now and it could be one of those titles that sneaks up and surprised people when it’s released.

What’s good:

 - God of War style gore without the quicktime events
 - Excellent level design and architecture
 - You get to play a horseman of the apocalypse, what’s not to like

What doesn’t:
 - It’s not out yet

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