TDU2 dev diary delves into the essence of the game

by: Dan -
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The first dev diary for Test Drive Unlimited 2 is called “The Road to Ibiza” and features several members of Atari and Eden games covering what is new and what makes TDU 2 different from the original. They talk a lot about the social aspects of TDU2 and shows off some of the licensed vehicles as well as in-game footage from the Island of Ibiza. One cool fact they brought up is that the original TDU (which I personally think was one of the most underrated titles to hit the Xbox 360) still gets 180K logins for a game that is four years old and hasn’t had a fresh DLC in over two years. Some of the new features will be night cycles, weather and shadow effects and they also mention that Paul Oakenfold created the games intro music in addition to being an in-game artist. However, the overwhelming theme is that Eden Games listened to the fans and will continue to listen to the fans to make the game the fans want.

In case anyone was wondering, the vehicles used in the dev diary were from Flat Motors in Lyon, France according to the credits.

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