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Test Drive Unlimited 2 released back in February to a slug of issues including network problems, corrupt game saves, bugs and player exploits. As a result, Atari will be taking the first planned DLC and providing it for free as a peace offering for those that were hosed by the buggy game.

Unfortunately, over two weeks after that announcement, the game STILL hadn’t been patched on the Xbox 360 side due to being held up in certification at Microsoft. Fortunately, we have an update that the fixes will go live at 1:00 a.m. PST on Monday 3/14. I have been reviewing the title for a few weeks now, and it is what I expected from the TDU experience, but the social side (which constitutes ¼ of the gameplay) has been completely unavailable due to the patching. Hopefully folks will get back on board with the game once it is good to go on Monday. Here is the statement from the TSU2 dev team:

TDU2 Community,

Thank you for making TDU2 a huge success worldwide. We’ve reached the top of the sales charts in many territories and continue to work diligently on making TDU2 the best persistent-world racing game on console and PC.

The first of our game optimizations for console will be live tonight on Xbox 360 at 1am PT (9am GMT) and PS3 is soon to follow. This update will resolve a corruption issue that some players experienced with their saved game files. In some cases corrupted files will be automatically repaired.

Available on Monday, 3/14 at 1am PT (9am GMT) will be a patch that should address many of the outstanding concerns that some of the community experienced on PS3 and Xbox 360. We have worked diligently to stabilize the network and address log-in issues. Friends lists will now be populated, invites will work correctly and Clubs will be brought back online. The Casino has been optimized and the bug causing players to lose money has been resolved. We have also addressed many of the exploits in the game and will be monitoring cheating in all its forms.

The TDU2 community has been a great support to the development team and we look forward to rewarding your loyalty soon with free DLC content. We should be able to provide dates once Microsoft and Sony approve the content and will update the community as soon as they are expected to go live.


The TDU2 Development Team

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