Supreme Commander 2 patched (again)

by: Chuck -
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Expect to see the update dialog box the next time you fire up Supreme Commander 2 as Gas Powered Games has released another patch for the game.  This is the third patch for the game in one week giving the folks at GPG the rare developer patch hat trick.  This means that either they are using an agile methodology with very short sprints (more Lean than Scrum) or they are frantically patching holes in the game. 

Software development nerdouts aside (hey, it's what I do) this new patch fixes a bevy of multiplayer issues and adds yet another layer of AI polish to the game.  I'm always a fan of seeing software developers maintain and enhance their product but three patches in less than a week seems a bit. excessive.
New Features and Improvements

* Added a warning dialog when a player accesses multiplayer with modified data.
* Adjusted exploit handling for research during game initialization.
* Adjusted exploit handling for hotkey-triggered commands.
* Land AI will default to Air factories faster on non land maps.
* AI will build units from factories that are outside its primary base radius.
* AI platoons will loiter less and instead attempt to move to the best possible place to do damage.
* The starting base locations will now generate less econ threat to the AI causing the AI to more aggressively target buildings outside the starting base locations.
* The AI will more quickly respond to attrition, and retreat appropriately.


* Fixed a potential crash encountered when entering the game summary screen with an AI present.
* Fixed an issue where the AI could repeatedly queue the same unit (especially transports).
* Cybran AI will now properly research naval walking.
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