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Hitting tablets and smartphones next year, Supercell's Battle Buddies is a team management action game that is both casual and hardcore.  It's streamlined and accessible with deep multiplayer options and designed so both short and long gaming session are equally rewarding.  Battle Buddies will feature asynchronous multiplayer that allows playing against friends and playing multiple games at the same time.  You'll also be able to control and play against your friends' teams in the singleplayer component with AI handling some duties.  Battle Buddies is set for release on iOS platforms sometime in 2012.  For more info, follow the jump  
Take Feuds On The Road with Battle Buddies
Build and customize a squad for single or multiplayer battles
Bring the battle to friends and enemies alike in Supercell's Battle Buddies, coming to tablets and smartphones in early 2012. Battle Buddies is a team-management action game designed to be casual, accessible, and streamlined, for bringing those feuds on the go, ensuring combat is never far away.
Battle Buddies is specifically designed for touch interface, features rich social gameplay via anytime multiplayer, and is the first casual, but deep multiplayer title for the iOS platform.
In Battle Buddies, players manage a team of five. They name them, put them through training, then lead them into battle against friends in multiplayer battles or against the AI in single player showdowns. Players outfit their buddies in a variety of costumes that make their troops look like pirates, soldiers, cyborgs, and other options and select fun and funny items, weapons, and gadgets for the battlefield.
All the action takes place in wacky environments like castles, sheds, submarines, and more. All battlefields are interactive and destroyable, meaning blowing up walls, furniture, and most items on the battlefield is all within the realm of possibility.
Battle Buddies will be available on smartphones and tablet devices early in 2012.
Battle Buddies is Supercell's third game. The first,, is the first real-time multiplayer RPG for Facebook.'s first expansion, Zombies Online, comes out December 19th 2011. The second, Pets vs Orcs, is a city building and combat title for mobile platforms releasing early 2012.
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