Super Monkey Ball 3DS wants to hold your hand

by: Jeremy -
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..and make the game a lot easier for you.

Sega of Japan has released a trailer for the Nintendo 3DS version of Super Monkey Ball 3D and it is disparaging to say the least. By the looks of the trailer, shown below, Sega is looking to make the game a lot easier on players by adding a ton of rails to the stages which makes them a lot easier. Is there any way to fail that first stage shown?

I have always loved the Super Monkey Ball series and it was one of the games that I bought the Gamecube for... when it launched in Japan. Yeah, I was that into the game. The joy of the game is its challenge and the delicacy required when navigating near the open edges and narrow pathways; Sega looks to be taking a lot of that out according to what is shown in this trailer. Then again, this is an early look at the game and it is likely that the rails could be something that can be added or removed with the change of an options setting (wishful thinking on my behalf). This could also be very early stages of the game which are just meant for players to get their footing with the controls and concept Time will tell, but at least the game looks good (graphically)... check it out: 

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