Super Monday Night Combat adds first round of user created content and slashes its prices

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A few months ago Super Monday Night Combat opened the doors for players to add their own user created content and today the latest update added the first round of user created content to the store. Some of the user created content in this update are the Cinnamon Stabber for Assassin, Spunky Stabber for Captain Spark, Mega Milk Beth Uniform for Mega Beth, The Beat Seat for The Veteran and The Bacon Beater for The Wascot. 

In addition Uber has drastically reduced the prices of all Pros and boosts. All pros now cost between 99 cents and $1.99. There is also an "all pros" bundle that only costs $14.99 which gets you every pro in the game and tons of items for said pros including weapons, taunts and outfits. 

They have also added the ability for the pro rotation to change without updates. Speaking of which the new free pro rotation is Assassin, Assault, Cheston, Megabeth, Support, Veteran

Check out the full list of changes below! 

Free Pro Rotation: Assassin, Assault, Cheston, Megabeth, Support, Veteran

GG Stack: Great update, almost good as my Outland grandma!

For this update we're releasing the first set of user created content created by fans for fans. A big thanks for everyone that contributed! We're also drastically lowering the price of all Pros and introducing a very affordable bundle that includes all the Pros and some content for those Pros. As always, feel free to leave us feedback at! If you have issues please email

The current version is: 45269. If you don't have this version, please restart your game.

New Rules
Drastic reduction of Pro and Boost prices across the board
Added support for Pro Rotation server side that doesn't require a patch to update
Reduced price on Treasure Ball Key, Spunky Key, and added new Pallas Treasure Ball

Bug Fixes
Fix error when applying flair without particles.

New Bundle: All Pros - All Pros plus Blitz Uniforms, weapons, and taunts for each one.

Red S.A.D. Disguise: Created by araxisht
Black S.A.D. Disguise: Created by araxisht

The Cinnamon Stabber: Created by imvudude

Captain Spark
Spunky Saber: Created by imvudude

Mega Milk Beth Uniform: Created by goodbean

Weight of Terror: Created by araxisht
The Beat Seat: Created by jbeetle

The Lone Griller: Created by kazzymodus
The Key (To Your Heart): Created by csx
The Bacon Beater: Created by imvudude
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