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I've always been a fan of stealth games.  I'm terrible at them, but I like them nonetheless.  There's something empowering about creeping in the shadows where no one can see you.  

Dishonored lets you approach enemies and situations in many different way, and they've released the gameplay videos that prove it.  One of those ways is by utilizing a stealthy approach.  All the standard tricks of the trade are there: stealth kills, hiding bodies, avoiding enemy line of sight, staying in the shadows, and creating distractions.  

You'll see all that and more in this new Dishonored gameplay video called The Study of Stealth.

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Dishonored hits stores on October 9th.

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We’re pleased to announce that we’ve just released a new gameplay video - ‘The Study of Stealth’ - for Dishonored, which has recently been named ‘Game of the Show’, ‘360 Game of the Show’, and ‘PS3 Game of the Show’ by the Official GamesCom Awards.

While you can play Dishonored many different ways to suit your individual play style, this video highlights how the game's stealth system works and highlights the tools and powers at your disposal to make your way through the game unseen by your enemies.

Dishonored, the first person action game from Arkane studios, casts you as a supernatural assassin driven by revenge. Creatively eliminate your targets with the flexible combat system as you combine supernatural abilities with weapons and gadgets at your disposal. Pursue your targets under the cover of darkness or ruthlessly attack them head on with weapons drawn. The outcome of each mission plays out based on the choices you make.

Dishonored will be available in  North America on October 9, 2012 and throughout Europe on October 12, 2012, and is slated for release on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. For more information on Dishonored visit
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