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Strong Bad Episode 4: Dangeresque 3 screenshots building to big finish

by: Randy -
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The Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People adventure series has proven that it's at its best when it not only takes on a new plot point, but double-dips it into a stylistic theme.  That's why Episode 2: Strong Badia the Free is the coolest episode yet, and why the Mission Impossible-y spy thrilling Episode 4: Dangeresque 3 could outpace it.  And Telltale Games has also spilled that episode 5, the season finale, will involve a bit of "burninating."  Strong Bad fans know exactly what that means and have been waiting for it all season -- trust me.

The review of Dangeresque 3 will be up on Monday.  Here are ten screenshots to whet your appetite for Strong Bad's comedic hijinks.

Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People builds to big finish with episodes featuring Dangeresque and Trogdor

New episode set to release November 17 on PC and WiiWare, followed by "burninating" season finale


SAN RAFAEL, CA, November 11, 2008 – Starring in a popular web cartoon wasn't enough. Strong Bad, who has been answering fan emails on Homestarrunner.com since 2001, has crossed over to dominate PC and WiiWare™ gaming in Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People, an episodic series created by Sam & Max developers Telltale, Inc., and Homestarrunner.com creators Mike and Matt Chapman. Starting this month, the Strong Bad game series is barreling to an exciting climax with two episodes featuring the franchise's most iconic characters: Dangeresque, a crooked cop in pursuit of glory, justice (sort of), and big sacks of cash, and Trogdor, the one-armed, fire-breathing dragon who burninates peasants across the land.


First up is Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective, Strong Bad's oft-delayed cinematic oeuvre, set to release on November 17. The final installment in a series of low-budget action flicks starring, written by, and directed by Strong Bad, Dangeresque 3 has been teased on Homestarrunner.com for over five years. Unlike the first two "movies," which took the form of online cartoons, Telltale's Dangeresque 3 game places you inside the film in the role of the title character, with Homestar Runner, Bubs, The Cheat, Strong Mad, and the rest of the Homestarrunner.com crew rounding out the cast. Complete with shaky camera shots, flubbed lines, and awkward post-production editing, Dangeresque 3 provides the humorous, homemade movie experience Strong Bad fans have come to expect, plus an added layer of interactivity.


In Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective, what starts as a simple job to recover a long-lost formula morphs into a high-stakes race to save the world from certain destruction at the hands of Dangeresque's unhinged nemesis, Uzi Bazooka. The filmic fantasy is maintained throughout the game, down to the inclusion of interactive "deleted scenes" accessible only after the main storyline has been completed. The original Dangeresque cartoons and a preview of the upcoming game can be viewed at www.dangeresque3.com.


Then comes Trogdor! If you've ever snickered at a Homestarrunner.com cartoon, you probably recognize the name. After months of speculation, Telltale is confirming that the infamous one-armed dragon plays a role in the fifth and final Strong Bad episode. A first glimpse of the menacing Burninator—as well as another surprise for longtime Homestarrunner.com fans—can be seen starting on November 17, in the preview video included with Dangeresque 3.


Like episodes of a television sitcom, the Strong Bad games are self-contained and new players can jump into the series with any episode. The first three Strong Bad episodes are available now, for PC from www.telltalegames.com/strongbad, or for the Wii™ console through the Wii Shop Channel. Fans anticipating the upcoming Dangeresque 3 release can preorder the PC version from Telltale, either individually or as part of a 5-episode season pass.



About Homestarrunner.com
Homestar Runner was conceived in 1996 by Mike Chapman and friend Craig Zobel as an idea for a weird kids' book they would only make a few photocopies of for friends. In 2000, Mike and brother Matt dusted off the idea and launched HomestarRunner.com, featuring the Flash-animated exploits of the characters. Since 2002, they have updated with new cartoons almost every week including the popular feature 'Strong Bad Email' in which fans get their emails answered by the cartoon's charming antagonist, Strong Bad. Mike and Matt write and animate the cartoons with Matt and Missy Palmer providing voices for the characters. The site has been featured and mentioned in the New York Times, Wired Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, Time, The Wall Street Journal, and, most importantly, two songs from the site were featured in the Guitar Hero series.

About Telltale, Inc.
Telltale is pioneering new forms of interactive entertainment, building upon strong foundations in both traditional and new media. Founded in 2004 by industry veterans with decades of experience, the company has quickly become the leading online episodic gaming publisher and developer, delivering award-winning interactive experiences that emphasize engaging stories, strong characters, and rich worlds. Telltale is establishing a regular, ongoing schedule of online episodic series, across all major gaming and entertainment platforms and channels.

Telltale's games include the award-winning Sam & Max episodic series; Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People, the first episodic series for WiiWare based on the Homestarrunner.com Flash cartoons; and a new Wallace & Gromit game series coming soon. Telltale has also created games based on television's popular CSI program, in partnership with Ubisoft, and on Jeff Smith's epic Bone graphic novels. Telltale has built a robust digital distribution channel at www.telltalegames.com, and also publishes its games with select partners.

About Videlectrix
Since the beginning of organized time, or shortly thereafter, the 'Trix, as they are sometimes known, has been at all four fronts of the electronic video gaming industry, providing lo-res entertainment to parents and children alike. In the early years, The Big V, as they are othertimes known, got their start by typing numbers into calculators and then turning the calculators upside down to form words. In 2003, they partnered with Homestarrunner.com and released the arcade peasant-masher Trogdor! They've since followed up with hit after hit, including next-gen text adventure Peasant's Quest, side scrolling platformer Stinkoman 20X6, and the unforgettable Color Television Calibration Cartridge.
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