Street Fighter X Tekken expands its roster

by: Jeremy -
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With Capcom’s iteration of the Street Fighter / Tekken crossover game Street Fighter X Tekken due out by the end of the fiscal year (by March 31, 2012), you would think that the development team would start adding some new names to the roster. Surely they plan on including more than just the ten fighters included in the build shown at the recent Captivate Media event...

Capcom has started to slowly leak out additional names for the game;s playable roster, much like they did to build hype for Marvel vs. Capcom 3 over the past year. This pas week, two more names have been confirmed for the game: Cammy and Sagat.

Cammy was outed first thanks to a special video that Capcom released last week, which you can view below. The video shows glimpses of a new character for the roster but never shows them in their entirety; any SF fan can easily tell that the individual being teased in the video is none other than our beloved British, special agent Cammy. Silconera has managed to get their hands on a recent image of the game’s character select screen, also shown below, which shows the Muay Thai master himself, Sagat as a selected character along with Tekken’s Bob. Who else do you think that Capcom has up their sleeves to be revealed for the game?

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