Stormrise renders still can't rise above mundane design

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Why Stormrise is banking so heavily on these character renders (rather than giving us even a glimpse at in-game stills) is somewhat baffling, considering how very little excitement these blown-up RTS units have been able to generate.  Some interesting artistic ideas began to emerge with the Sai units, but the Creative Assembly decidedly ratcheted down the "creative" half of their namesake when they were assemble at the drawing board.  Except for when it came to the character you see pictured here.  Meridian.  I don't care if he is a double amputee.  I wouldn't mess with him.

Name: Meridian

Age: Unknown

Rank: Overseer


The Overseer of the Sai and head of the Sai Elders, Meridian wields total control over the Sai.


Meridians background is shrouded in mystery, with rumours saying she is hundreds of years old! She has been the Sai leader for many years and utilizes powerful telepathy, making her will apparent to all that serve her.


Meridian guides the Sai along a path which only she can divine, nurturing them with kindness and a steadfast resolution. Meridian harbors an unexplained distain of the Echelon which is unmatched amongst the Sai.

Name: Eona

Age: 23

Rank: Scion


Eona, as a young child, displayed powerful Sai abilities which led to her being removed from her parents and raised within the Sai Order. Taken under the wing of Geist, who acted as a surrogate big brother, she was sheltered from the harsh reality of the outside world.


Usually seen to follow Geists lead, Eona lately has been making small signs of a growing independence.


Her natural Sai abilities revolve around empathy for others, allowing her to read thoughts and emotions. She has also been trained in several combat arts whilst at the Order.


Generally she seems playful, overly naïve, idealistic and maintains a firm hope that one day there will be stability and peace.

Name: Hunter Gray

Age: 37

Rank: Captain

Call sign: Huntsman


Captain Hunter “Huntsman” Gray is an aggressive commander who has little regard for tactical niceties such as no fire civilian zones. Coming from a well respected family, Huntsman was expected to enter the military when he came of age, which he duly did.


Captain Gray considers the Echelon doctrines to be taken as gospel and as such, has a history of harshly punishing those under him who fail to live up to his standards.


Huntsman’s extreme dislike of the Sai has led to engagements along the frontier that other more temperate commanders may have avoided.

Name: Chey Harris

Age: 39

Rank: Major

Call sign: Vantage


As a child, Chey “Vantage” Harris’s family was killed in a storm surge that breached the frontier, leaving her orphaned and on the street. The skills and street-smarts she developed there to survive would go on to serve her and the Echelon well.


Enlisting to escape the hardship and help people like herself, Vantage primarily served at the frontier after graduation. She displayed a strong rapport with the people of the frontier and proved to be quite resourceful.


Vantage’s hard work ethic and faultless service record has allowed her to quickly rise up through the ranks to her current rank of Major.


Vantage is experienced in frontline combat and generally maintains a calm exterior, although she shows little tolerance for incompetence or mediocrity.




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