Stimulating Simulations: EA Sports predicts results for NHL playoffs

by: Ben Berry -
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It's fun that the game companies like to see what the results of sports would be if they happened in pixelized form on their game of choice. What's even more fun to see how accurate they are. EA Sports used NHL 2010 to predict the NHL playoffs, and here are their results for the first round:

Eastern Conference
Washington over Montreal 4-0
Philadelphia over New Jersey 4-3
Buffalo over Boston 4-2
Pittsburgh over Ottawa 4-0

Western Conference
Colorado over San Jose 4-2
Chicago over Nashville 4-2
Vancouver over Los Angeles 4-1
Detroit over Phoenix 4-2

While NHL 2010 is more trustworthy than say MLB 2K10, it's a simulation; not reality. It will be interesting to see how close they come to the real thing. So far, they've blown one for sure as Montreal has given Washington everything they can handle and then some.

For some more details and to see the results of the rest of the rounds including the Stanley Cup champions (Hint: the Road to the Cup goes through Chicago), check the story on the EA website.
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