Stephen Merchant on Wheatley

by: John -
More On: Portal 2
If you've played Portal 2, you know how awesome Wheatley is. And you know how perfect Stephen Merchant was at lending his voice talents to the character. He really breathed some awesome life into the robot that helps you out in the beginning.

MTV did an interview with Stephen about his work on Portal 2 and the character of Wheatley. If you haven't finished the game, I would advise skipping it until you do as it does contain a few spoilers. I can say that Stephen started to dread working on recording the lines because it became really exhausting, but he's really loved how it all turned out and the reaction it got.

Stephen's also a great producer and writer having done many things with Ricky Gervais of The Office (British Version) fame. The two also collaborated on the awesome An Idiot Abroad show, which you really need to catch if you never seen it.

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