SteelSeries lets you design your own headset with the Flux Configurator

by: John -
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The SteelSeries Flux headset is about to get a little more personal as today they've launched the SteelSeries Flux Configurator. What does the Configurator do? Why it lets you design your own Flux headset.

SteelSeries' Flux Configurator walks you through various screens and lets you put your own personal touch on the headset. From various side plate parts, headband color, cord color, and cushion types, the Configurator will update the price as you go along so you know how much it will cost you in the end.

It's a neat concept and I hope they add more and more designs and colors as time goes on. You'll be paying a premium over the regular Flux headsets, of course, but for some the personalization aspect is worth the extra money going in.


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