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SteelSeries announces 3 new headsets

by: John -
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When I hit SteelSeries at E3 this year, these will be three headsets I'll be taking a look at up close. Thrree new headsets have been announced for their H-series of headsets.

The 9H Headset with Dolby Technology will retail for $160 and comes with a USB soundcard. It will do 7.1 surround sound for those wanting positional audio. They look to have really nice padding and the mic retracts into the headset so that it can be out of the way. If you want a 9H, you'll have to wait until the Fall.

The SteelSeries 5Hv3 will go for $80 and feature new audio drivers and a retractable mic as well. No surround sound on this one, and it looks a little bit smaller than than the 9H.

Finally, the 3Hv2 will sell for $40 and can fold up for easy storage. There's some good cushion it seems and the 3Hv2 also has a retractable mic. This, along with the 5HV3 will be available in the Summer.

Presented in a Durable Industrial Design, The New Headsets Are Engineered for Performance with Custom-Enhanced Sound And Optimized Comfort
LOS ANGELES – E3 2013 – June 6, 2013 – Kicking off this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), SteelSeries, the leading global innovator of gaming peripherals and leading sponsor of global eSports, introduced the new H-Series Headset line. Delivering tournament-grade audio, the new headsets all feature custom-engineered soundscapes and the newest generation of SteelSeries audio drivers designed specifically to enhance audio performance and sound details. The flagship SteelSeries 9H with Dolby® Technology features up to 7.1 surround sound and tournament-grade audio performance with new sound isolating double enclosure earcup technology.   Building off the legendary tournament and award-winning SteelSeries 5H, the new 5Hv3 and 3Hv2 headsets were designed for tournament grade audio with portability and extended comfort for the gamer that competes everywhere.  The H-Series can be recognized by its industrial design, solidly constructed for best-in-class durability.
“The H-Series Headset line was introduced to the competitive gaming world in early 2005 with first-to-market features like the retractable microphone system and a custom engineered soundscape that was so good that the world tagged them as the cheating headsets, ” said Bruce Hawver, SteelSeries CEO.  “Twelve years ago we believed that eSports would see incredible growth and we designed entire product lines for this emerging market.  Today, we introduce this next generation of competitive players to our new H-Series and believe that the audio experience, combined with the comfort and features, will set a new standard for today's competitive gaming headsets.”
The SteelSeries 9H Headset with Dolby® Technology - $159.99/€159.99 MSRP
Delivering a tournament-grade audio experience, incredible digital features, and best-in-class comfort, the SteelSeries 9H with Dolby® Technology is our best competitive gaming headset yet. Equipped with an advanced USB soundcard, the SteelSeries 9H provides users with Dolby® Technology that works together to create incredible sound:
·         Dolby Headphone – allows up to 7.1 channels of realistic multi-channel surround sound
·         Dolby Prologic IIx – provides the smoothest surround sound experience allowing for multiple listening modes and a more realistic sound
In addition, the 9H has a durable, industrial design that is deceivingly lightweight, setting new standards for comfort and fit for headsets this size. Players will experience unique features like:
·         Building on the historic SteelSeries audio tradition, a custom-engineered soundscape features a wide dynamic range, which makes it possible for 9H to deliver a balanced and linear tournament-grade advantage
·         Its premium, next-generation SteelSeries audio drivers with advanced materials like a high-grade mylar film over the speaker allows the sound in the game to be heard with a level of clarity and very low distortion
·         SteelSeries’ innovative swappable cable system with in-line audio controls for use with PC, Mac®, tablets and phones
·         New sound isolating double enclosure earcup technology with comfortable extra-padded, leather ear cushions
·         Crystal clear communication via large, high-end microphone that retracts into the headset when not in use.
·         Fully supported by the SteelSeries Engine with advanced digital features like unlimited game specific audio profiles, 10-band equalizer settings, mic noise cancellation and auto mic gain.
The SteelSeries 5Hv3 Headset - $79.99/€79.99
Most recognized for its tournament and award-winning, gaming audio performance and portability, the SteelSeries 5Hv2 was one of the most talked-about headsets on the tournament circuit. The new 5H now features the newest generation of SteelSeries audio drivers with a custom-engineered soundscape for clear and detailed sound without distortion.
The 5Hv3 Headset upgrades the sought-after features found in its predecessor, including:
·         Crystal clear communication via large, high-end microphone that retracts into the headset when not in use
·         New sound isolating double enclosure earcup technology with comfortable extra-padded, leather ear cushions
·         The double-braided nylon cable and in-line audio controls now with SteelSeries’ innovative swappable cable system for use with PC, Mac®, tablets and phones
The SteelSeries 3Hv2 Headset – $39.99/€39.99
Created for gamers who are looking to experience SteelSeries audio for the first time or without having to make a large investment, the 3Hv2 encompasses the four components that set SteelSeries audio above the rest: performance, convenience, durability and comfort. The new 3Hv2 headset comes in a compact, foldable design making it ideal for storage or travel and an included adapter which allows for use with PC, Mac®, tablets and phones.
Unlike other headsets in this price category, the durable 3Hv2 brings together its powerful, next generation SteelSeries audio drivers, extra-padded leather cushions, a retractable microphone system and in-line audio controls on the soft-rubber cable in a compact and portable headset.
The SteelSeries H-Series will be available starting with the 5Hv3 and 3Hv2 headsets this summer and the 9H with Dolby® Technology coming this Fall in Q3. For more details about the new headsets, please visit http://steelseries.com/h-series. Be sure to follow SteelSeries on Facebook and Twitter for the latest in product news, contests and promotions.
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