Steel Battalion Heavy Armor available for Kinect on June 19

by: Travis -
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Capcom has announced that the upcoming Kinect exclusive Steel Battalion Heavy Armor will be available for full body control on June 19 in North America and June 22 in Europe. Accompanying the release announcement are two new trailers that focus on the game's story along with a glimpse into the gameplay. The game's story focuses on the exploits of Sgt. Powers and his platoon of ground-shattering Vertical Tanks. Kinect controls will be used for not only your vertical tank, but in addition to creating emotional bonds with your platoon members.

The Steel Battalion series has undergone quite a dramatic change from the first and second games that required their own 40-button controllers to the newest iteration only requiring your body. Steel Battalion Heavy Armor might be the first Kinect exclusive that has me seriously considering a purchase of the little robot device.

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