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Steam now supports Oculus Rift for the user interface

by: John -
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Valve loves to experiment with their Steam client and you can now put a checkbox next to VR. They've announced a new feature in the beta where you can turn on SteamVR, which is Big Picture mode with the Oculus Rift. Instructions are in the announcement, but you might also need to do this:

  • Go to "Library", "Tools", and download SteamVR
  • Opt into SteamVR Beta. Make sure it's up-to-date
  • Set Steam to start in Big Picture mode.
  • Create a shortcut to Steam and add -vr to the launch options
  • IMPORTANT: Set the Rift as an extended monitor and make sure it's the secondary.
  • Start Steam using your modified shortcut.

Having experienced the updated Oculus Rift at CES last week, I'm kind of excited to see how this works. Valve's currently holding their dev days conference where more news like this could pop out with little fanfare.