Steam Midweek Madness: Duke Nukem Forever

by: Sean Colleli -
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Yes you heard right, this week's Steam Midweek Madness is none other than Duke Nukem Forever. The game is 75% off, or a measly 5 bucks. To be honest this is about the maximum dollar amount I can rationalize for this game, so if you don't have DNF yet and are curious about one of last year's biggest flops, and the punchline to the industry's longest running joke, it'll only cost you $5.

Also, the game's DLC is also 75% off (what? this game had DLC? It sure did!), so you can pick up all of that for around 5 bucks too. I heard the downloadable second episode was considerably better than the original game, but then again that would probably even out to just plain average at best, so purchase at your own risk. Here's hoping Gearbox has something better in store for Duke in the future, now that they have control of the franchise.
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