Stealing the moon would be Despicable…

by: Dan -
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D3 Publisher announced today that they will be bringing Despicable Me: The Game to a console near you. Surprisingly, the game will not be on the PS3 or the Xbox 360, but instead come to the PS2, Wii, DS and PSP. The game is based on the 3D CGI movie of the same name by Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment.

Despicable Me: The Game will be shipping in July 2010, and looks to be an action puzzler. You actually play as Gru (who looks like a love child of Quasimodo and Dr. Evil), the criminal mastermind of the film, as he plans an all-time heist of building a rocket ship and stealing the moon. Meanwhile, until the game and film are released, here are some Wii and DS screens to keep you warm and fuzzy. I personally wouldn’t mind having a group of freaky looking evil minions to do what I needed.

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