Starvoid dev diary 1 and gameplay footage

by: Sean Colleli -
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Paradox Interactive is known for publishing quality strategy games, and they have a new one lined up from Zeal Studios. Starvoid is an RTS that places you in a space-western universe where humans are colonizing new planets, and corporations field personal armies to wage war over the titular mineral resource. You can learn more below from the first dev diary with producer Ylva Sundstrom, and then check out 26 minutes of live play footage from the pre-alpha build. Looks pretty good for pre-alpha if you ask me.

Fight With Your Friends For The Rarest Commodity In The Galaxy – Starvoid!
Video dev diary and live stream footage released

May 18, 2012 - You are a mercenary commander in the farthest reaches of deep space and your very survival depends on acquiring a rare commodity that powers your spacecraft. A commodity that the rest of the galaxy will fight to the death to get their hands on. Welcome to the world of Starvoid, a multiplayer Real Time Strategy Game from Paradox Interactive and Zeal Game Studios set to release on PC in Q3, 2012.

In the video interview featuring pre-alpha footage, Ylva Sundstrom, Producer at developer Zeal Game Studios, describes how Starvoid with its easy to pick-up-and-play structure, has both Space and Western inspirations in its setting.
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