Starting today, you will no longer be able to purchase discs from Origin

by: John -
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Origin, the service that Electronic Arts has created to compete with Steam, will no longer let you purchase game discs from them starting today. That's right, they are going all digital with the service.

That's not to say you won't be able to purchase discs for EA games ever. They're still going to continue to produce these for folks who have slow Internet connection or caps on their data. But, you'll have to order them from somewhere else like Amazon or NewEgg as Origin's going to focus solely on digital distribution.

We're still not there yet where we all can go straight to digital, but we'll be there someday. Until then, discs will be around for those that need it, but I have a feeling it will be a long time before we see discs go the way of cassette tapes and 8-tracks.

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