Starr Long talks latest Deployment in Tabula Rasa universe

by: Randy -
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Starr Long, Producer of sci-fi MMO Tabula Rasa, spruces up the PlayNC Dev Corner with updates regarding Deployment 11, to include a new high-level (50+) instance, Dybukkar Garrison, plus the impact of Richard Garriott's nutty venture with Operation Immortality.  Starr is claiming an influx of subscribers to Tabula Rasa, which is in keeping with recent news that NCsoft has enjoyed a bump in their second quarter financials., with the notable fact that Richard Garriott's baby -- though still the underdog in the NCsoft lineup -- has posted modest gains as well. 

While I've never been compelled to return to Tabula Rasa after Chuck and I previewed it a year ago, it's hard not to root for its cause, considering the harsh truth that sci-fi MMOs are so few and far between.  Despite science fiction being a branch of the fantasy genre, it may seem that people still want to go with what they know.
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