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Stardock offering 50% off second copy of Demigod (for you buddy)

by: Chuck -
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To help make amends with their users the folks at Demigod are offering users 50% off a second copy of Demigod?  Why a second copy of the game?  Well it's so that you get your friends hook as they think (and rightfully so in my opinion) that multiplayer games are best played with friends and what better way to get the game further out in the market than by having people advocating/selling the game to their friends.  You'll need to act quickly though as the coupon expires next week.

Stardock is also going to be shipping a 20% coupon off any game or application on Impulse as a way to make up for all the connectivity issues Demigod had at launch.  These issues were fixed yesterday in a new patch that fixes how some of the connections between gamers was hosted. 

Not to gush too much but kudos to Stardock for taking care of their customers.  They got burned by pirates and have been pretty stand up about getting problems fixed and taking care of their customers.
As you know, Demigod is a real-time action strategy game that incorporates tactical combat with role playing elements. When played on-line, it is best played with groups of people as opposed to 1 on 1 as seen in many other strategy games.

Since Demigod's launch late last month, we have been working with developer Gas Powered Games to enhance the game. We have a lot of exciting updates in the works. One of the things we have been particularly concentrating on is improving the game's multiplayer connectivity.

We have been gradually improving the Demigod network connectivity for those who enjoy playing on-line with other people. On Thursday, May 21st, we released an update that introduced our own network of servers to host the connection for those users who have had a hard time getting connected to other players online.

As a token of our appreciation to our customers who have waited patiently while we've addressed the on-line multiplayer difficulties, we present you with this 50% off coupon on purchasing a second copy of the digital version of Demigod for your friends or family. This will only be valid until early next week so this would be a good time to use it.

In addition, next week we will be sending out a second coupon that will give users 20% off of any game or application on Impulse. To help encourage an active Demigod community, we will be occasionally be sending out additional coupons to active players of Demigod (people who play more than a couple of hours a week).

We thank you for your business and hope you are able to enjoy these updates to Demigod.