Stardock and Impulse bring the pain - to your wallet!

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We all knew it was coming.  December is upon us and that means a time of giving.  Who says you can't give to yourself, though?  It's so much easier than it used to be with digital distribution deals reproducing like rabbits.  Impulse is starting their month-long celebration with a 75% off sale on a game pack from Tilted Mill.  

Be sure to check their site each day between now and December 24 for savings on additional games.  Be sure to only do it if you like an empty wallet.  Don't say I didn't warn you.
Stardock’s Impulse Kicks Off ‘25 Days of Christmas’ Sale

- One-a-day massive savings on games and software until December 24 -

PLYMOUTH, MI – December 1, 2010 -- Stardock Entertainment unleashed a “25 Days of Christmas” sale this week on Impulse ( Starting yesterday with Stardock’s popular software program Multiplicity, the sale continues today with the Tilted Mill complete pack now 75 percent off (

Each day on Impulse, a different selection of software or games will be slashed in a blood bath of epic savings for holiday shoppers looking to beef up their software or gaming catalogue. With Impulse, users purchase their game and can then immediately download and install the game through the Impulse client which seamlessly manages updates, community features and more. Games become part of that user’s account such that when a user purchases a new machine, a user can simply re-download the Impulse client, logon to their account and re-download all their purchases, even years into the future. Download Impulse at
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