StarDrone launches onto the PSN with official (launch) trailer

by: Jeremy -
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Developer Beatshapers has launched its latest creation onto the PlayStation Network this week and released a launch trailer to tell the world. Their new game, StarDrone, is a combination of pinball, brick breaking, and item collection, all wrapped into one. The game was released this week as a part of Sony’s Spring Fever campaign on the PlayStation Network.

StarDrone was built from the ground up to utilize Sony’s PlayStation Move peripheral, though it can be played with a standard controller. Players will pilot a ship through space that just happens to be in constant motion; you will have to utilize your trusty grappling hook to latch onto objects in order to use your momentum to navigate through the various space debris. Along the way you will be able to collect a wide variety of power ups and items to assist you on your journey. The game features more than 50 levels and leaderbaord support; stereoscopic 3D has been announced to be featured in a future title update as well.

You can expect our full review of the game here on Gaming Nexus soon, but in the mean time, enjoy the launch trailer below: