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I don't MMO, but if I did, Star Wars: The Old Republic is definitely the MMO that I would MMO.  Anyway, Update 1.7 is on its way and, as part of it, players will get a chance to take part in the limited time live event ("limited time live event" perfectly encapsulates why I don't MMO) called Relics of the Gree.  Apparently the Grey Secant, an ancient Gree starship has magically reappeared "Event Horizon" style and gamers get to visit it from February 12 (also known as "today") to February 26.  Wonderful loot awaits.

You can watch the video for more details.  However, there is something about the video I need to address: newscasters.  Seriously BioWare?  You know I love you.  Hell, I'm videogame married to your own Mass Effect franchise (we have an open relationship, natch), but lets face it, hand gestures and body language aren't your strong suit and newscasters are nothing but hand gestures and body language.  What were you thinking?   Play to your strengths, BioWare; that's all I'm saying.

To learn more, follow the jump.
Game Update 1.7 is coming soon to Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ which will give players brand new in-game content to experience including Relics of the Gree, a limited time live event occurring across the galaxy, and the Galactic Reputation system, an exciting new way for players progress their characters. In honor of this update, BioWare and LucasArts have released a brand new gameplay video for the new Relics of the Gree in-game live event.

We’ve included additional details on Relic of the Gree and the Galactic Reputation System below:

·         Relics of the Gree – Discover the mysteries behind the Grey Secant, an ancient Gree starship that has suddenly appeared over Ilum’s Western Ice Shelf. From February 12 to February 26, players can visit the in-game News Terminals located on Carrick Station or Vaiken Spacedock to begin their adventure. The Gree have promised advanced technology, including powerful weapons and armor, to anyone who is brave enough to aid them against an insidious foe who has taken control at the heart of their ship.

·         Galactic Reputation – This new system enables players to earn Reputation points by completing missions for factions such as the Gree, or for military divisions within the Republic and the Empire. The Galactic Reputation system advances characters through six ranks of increasing prestige: “Outsider”, "Newcomer", "Friend", "Hero", "Champion", and "Legend". Galactic Reputation is also tied to a character’s Legacy, so Reputation points and ranks are shared across all the characters within the same Legacy.

Check out the Star Wars: The Old Republic Game Updates Page for additional information and screenshots of the content coming to Game Update 1.7. Be sure to stay connected by visiting our Community BlogFacebook , Twitter, and YouTube pages.
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