Star Wars: The Old Republic Galactic Starfighter trailer

by: Nathaniel -
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I don't know about you people out there in the real world, but the completely messed-up digital dream world I live in will crumble into hyper-dense knots of sub-atomic Cheetos dust which will coalesce at the speed of light into the universe's very first orange transfat dawf star if the requisite amount of gas giant-punchingly infuriating Star Wars news isn't met.

Today's entry?  Well, it's a trailer for the Galactic Starfighter expansion to Star Wars: The Old Republic.  As if Star Wars: The Old Republic in lieu of a proper Knights of the Old Republic sequel wasn't bad enough, now they're just using it to fulfill (Space-French for "destroy") the dreams and wishes of large numbers of gamers that have longed for a return to the Star Wars space sims they grew up playing.

On the plus side, my digital universe will be able to ride this anger-wave and avert total molecular collapse for some time.  Thanks, Star Wars: The Old Republic!

You can learn more about Galactic Starfighter right here.

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