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by: Ben Berry -
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The Secret of Nym is a movie that I watched a few times as a kid. Star Wars is a movie I watched literally THOUSANDS of times as a kid. Combining them would be less than ideal. Borrowing the name, the developers of Galaxies have launched another significant update to the game, revamping a large quest and several other bug fixes into the new Stronghold of Lok Revenants.

In a game with 500 different names for "thug", Revenant isn't the worst name ever. I haven't played any of this new content yet, as it's designed for upper level characters, and my Jedi has just reached level 45 this week.

Star Wars Galaxies™ Stronghold of the Lok Revenants
Game Update Now Live
WHATStar Wars Galaxies™ Stronghold of the Lok Revenants has players return to Lok to uncover the epic riches found in Nym’s fortress. Those who prove their worth will be rewarded with a bounty of pirate treasure.
This game update includes an expanded version of the original Lok quest series, including new side quests, and adds a new piracy system in space that allows players to pull wealthy trade convoys out of hyperspace and pillage them with their starfighters.
FEATURES: The Star Wars Galaxies™ Stronghold of the Lok Revenants game update includes:
  • New rewards including the Jinkins J-1 Rifle, mounted Slugthrower decorations and Nym’s logo rug
  • New space piracy system allows players to pillage trade convoys of new engines, shields and other bounty
  • New space features including improved power for ship weapons and special tokens that are awarded for Destroy Duty Missions
  • New Email Collections Reward – a model of Nym’s Starfighter “Havoc”
WHEN: The Star Wars Galaxies™: Stronghold of the Lok Revenants game update is now live.
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