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by: Ben Berry -
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You may have read some of my previous Star Trek Online impressions, and I'm working on getting my review together for the weekend. While I've been flying around between planets, improving my skills, my crew, and my ship; Cryptic has been putting together some missions for higher level characters. And it's not just any missions, it's the Borg. If you know Star Trek, you know the Borg are the big baddies of the Enterprise D and E era. A single Borg cube can take out more than a few high end Federation or Klingon warships. That's why these newly announced missions are designed for Admirals only, which is level 43 and above.

While I still don't feel this constitutes full end game content, it does alleviate a major hole in the original game, and it's something I'll make note of in my review. This information has been available on the official STO site since the second or third day after launch, but not with the level of detail now available. Hit the jump for more info, along with mission details.

The Borg Update is the first of many post-launch content packages Cryptic has created for Star Trek Online.


Cryptic will be releasing awesome new Episodes for high-level players to enjoy. These Episodes are Borg-themed and explain what has occurred within the Borg civilization in the time between Star Trek: Nemesis and 2409, the year in which Star Trek Online occurs.


Previously, the Borg were thought to be severely weakened by the actions the USS Voyager, as fans of the show will remember. But in 2409, the Borg have regained and surpassed much of their old strength, and Episodes in the Borg Update will add more substance to that portion of STO’s story. Players will eventually face off against the Borg Queen, the leader of the Collective, but the road to her lair is a very dangerous path.


Some upcoming Episodes include:


·         The Cure - A planet has been completely taken over by the Borg. Fight them for control of the planet.


·          Khitomer Accord - Travel back in time and uncover and participate in the events that led to the release of old Borg you encountered in the Tutorial Episode.


·         Into the Hive - Track down a missing Starfleet captain and come face to face with the new Borg Queen.


The Borg content is designed for high level players (level 43). Work your way up through the ranks and even you can challenge the Borg Queen.

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