Star Trek Online brings lets you try to protect the Khitomer Accords

by: Ben Berry -
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Star Trek Online is NOT perfect. But one thing you can't deny about the game is that Cryptic is pounding out the content to keep the subscribers happy. The newest mission ties into one of the most important events in the original Star Trek timeline, the Khitomer Accords.

This new mission is a 5 person fleet mission, and is for higher level players. The details are listed below. They sent out a video, but it's simply too big to upload.

STF: Khitomer Accord
Finally, the mysteries of the Borg attack on Vega Colony are revealed! Why did the Borg attack there, and how was an unprepared Starfleet able to defeat them?
·         Confront the Borg before they can use temporal anomalies to change the past of the Federation.
·         Warp back into your own past, in the hours before the attack on Vega Colony.
·         Discover a base where thousands of Borg drones are being held in stasis. What are the Borg's plans for this hidden army?
·         Starfleet's not ready for the Borg. A defeat here could mean that the entire Alpha Quadrant falls. Balance the scales and fight the Borg for the preservation of the quadrant.
·         Learn the fate of a missing Romulan empress.

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