Star Trek Online boxart revealed

by: Sean Colleli -
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Well this looks cool. I've been a bit skeptical of Star Trek Online, considering its long and rocky development cycle, but Amanda Glasser's preview over at Kotaku made me more optimistic. I like the new uniform design--like a more futuristic version of the Next Generation outfit. I'm just glad they didn't base it on the new movie; while I didn't think J.J. Abrams' film was exactly horrible, it was pretty generic and forgettable as far as sci-fi movies go, and the visual design was eye-stabbingly gaudy.

STO at least looks refined, intelligent. I'm not terribly happy that the Federation is fighting the Klingons again, but at least the story takes a lot of the Trek lore into account, so I'm sure there will be fun for both longtime fans like me and newcomers. I just hope the away mission gameplay is as good as the space combat. I'm definitely looking forward to February now.

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