Star Trek Online boldly not going to your consoles...

by: Ben Berry -
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According to VG247:

In a move that surprises almost no one, Star Trek Online is not coming to the console of your choice now, or even in the 24th century. Allegedly, Cryptic has the code up and running for the 360 and/or PS3. What they don't have the ability to make the "final leap on the business side of things" according to Craig Zinkievich, executive producer for the game. To me, what that means is that sales, subscriptions, and profit margin aren't there. If the game had come out of the gate stronger, I'm sure this is exactly the kind of game that could have made it to the consoles. 

This game had a tough hill to climb anyways: legions of obsessed fans who will flock to anything with the Star Trek name on it, if only to tear it down if it isn't perfect or doesn't cling heavily to the Roddenberry established canon. It's early, and no MMO is perfect at launch, or even years later. But I've mostly turned my attention back to playing Star Wars Galaxies and waiting for The Old Republic. We'll see what happens as the developers continue to release large amounts of additional content. Maybe they'll get to do their console port after they let players roam inside their ships or add more of the moral compass the show is famous for.

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