Star Trek Online announces new season coming April 22nd

by: Sean Colleli -
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It's amazing Star Trek Online is over four years old. When the game started it was pretty shaky and I didn't see it going very far, and I thought the switch to free-to-play spelled certain doom, but like Star Trek itself the game just keeps on going.

Cryptic Studios has a new trailer for the latest update, Season 9: A New Accord. The trailer does a "previously on STO" wrap up to get new players caught up to where the game's story is. I have to say, Cryptic knows their Trek lore and they seem to respect the vast continuity of the franchise. A New Accord will be available on April 22nd. From the 14th to the 21st, they're also doing a bonus XP event for players who want to earn a few levels before tackling the new season.


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