Star Trek Online and Bioshock 2 pre-orders? Oh, sweet rapture!

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Direct2Drive has announced some decent pre-order bonuses for Star Trek Online and Bioshock 2. If you choose to take the plunge into a new MMO experience and plunk down the digital cash ahead of time for Star Trek Online you'll be entered to win one of four lifetime subscriptions or one of 30 six month subscriptions. If you've already signed up for the federation (or one of the more alien alliances, we won't judge you) no need to fret. All previous pre-orders also qualify for the drawing. If you elect to re-visit rapture in Bioshock 2 you'll get a 10% discount and a free copy of Bioshock. The deadline for the Star Trek Online and Bioshock 2 pre-order bonuses are February 2nd at 9:59 am PT and February 9th respectively.
Win 1 of 34 Lifetime of 6-Month Subscriptions to Star Trek Online!

Anyone who pre-orders Star Trek Online or Star Trek Online Digital Deluxe Edition from Direct2Drive by February 2 at 9:59am PT will be automatically entered to win one of 4 lifetime or 30 6-month subscriptions to Star Trek Online! Previous pre-orderers are also automatically entered to win.


Get 10% Off BioShock 2 Pre-Order AND Get BioShock 1 FREE!

Pre-order BioShock 2 from Direct2Drive any time before the February 9th game launch and get it for 10% OFF AND get BioShock 1 for free! Just $44.95!

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