Star Trek Online: Well the game servers up, but you still can't play...

by: Ben Berry -
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Captains Log: Stardate 2010.33.

I have been waiting for this day for weeks, having pre-ordered Star Trek Online weeks ago (I went with the gamestop option so I could get an exclusive constellation class ship). Being that this is an MMO, I expected there to be some launch day hurdles to jump. While things seem relatively normal for an MMO launch, there seem to be a larger variety of problems than normal. The biggest of which is that the game servers are up, but subscription services are NOT.

There are also issues like pre-order freebies not showing up, game codes being accepted but not accessible due to subscription issues, and any other number of typical launch issues.

In a way I'm glad i didnt take off work today to wait for my copy, which my wife tells me arrived a couple of hours ago.
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