Stalker bloodline revealed in Bloodline Champions

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Yet another Bloodline Champions class video was released today from Funcom and Stunlock Studios. Today’s video covers the Stalker bloodline, and you can see from the video below that the Stalker specialized in melee abilities. What’s interesting about this class is the Stalker’s teleportation/charging moves which add extra damage to the class’s melee strikes.

Read on to learn more the online, arena-based game.

Funcom and Stunlock Studios have released a new video for the upcoming player vs. player online arena game ‘Bloodline Champions’, offering a unique glimpse into the tactics and strategies involved in playing the Stalker bloodline. ‘Bloodline Champions’ sees players charging into battle using any of the game’s 16 different bloodlines, each with their own unique powers. Through quick, but intense battles players must defeat the other team by skillfully using their bloodline’s abilities while at the same time trying to predict their opponent’s moves.

More than 150,000 players have joined the ‘Bloodline Champions’ closed beta during the past few weeks, but now we are inviting even more players to join the fun. Visit this page to secure your own beta key!

Developer Stunlock Studios and publisher Funcom are currently working diligently towards the release of the online arena-based PvP game ‘Bloodline Champions’. Here players will be able to take control over a multitude of different characters, or bloodlines, and engage in intense battles with other players either in teams or solo. Easy to play and challenging to master, ‘Bloodline Champions’ combine deep gameplay with great graphics and a powerful matchmaking system in order to become a true next-generation player vs. player online arena game.  
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