Square Enix's Chronicles of the Going Home Club anime now on Crunchyroll and Hulu

by: Randy -
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Today I learned that video game developer and publisher Square Enix has a manga imprint, and one of their properties is an animated show called Chronicles of the Going Home Club. A group of high school girls in a pseudo-official school club aim to do nothing but have fun after school.

But I, uh, just watched the first episode, and it's kind of nuts. It has scary-good comedic timing too, despite my having to read subtitles throughout. It opens with the non-sequitur that hooded seals' drink their mother's milk for only four days. Then the first-year "super rookies" struggle to figure out what the Going Home Club does, exactly. Then one of the members fought some giant bear kings but really thought she should be fighting her cell phone company's overage charges. Another member is subject to turning ordinary events into gamified encounters due to her "game brain." Then the episode breaks down the fourth wall as the animation dissembles itself into rough sketches and storyboards while the members fend off the end credits.

It's manic and I think I like it, even though I'm uncertain I'll actually watch any more episodes of Chronicles of the Going Home Club, which are now on Crunchyroll and Hulu.

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