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Square Enix’s new introduction, Gun Loco, is more enticing than I would have guessed. Although the similarities to Borderlands make the announcement feel slightly redundant, the theme was always something that intrigued me to the game. So it is with an open mind that I present you with the announcement of Gun Loco.

The universe’s most wanted, most insane criminals are thrown onto a prison planet and left to their own devices. Splitting off into factions, the inmates fight through seven different climate zones and maps, personalized by the likes of familiar and historic civilizations. The Xbox 360 exclusive game is a sprint-action third-person shooter featuring crazed criminals as playable characters with equally powerful weaponry and individual kill moves. You can take the game into singleplayer combat, embark on the 12-player online matches or other multiplayer modes/arenas.

The character concepts are based off of action figures made by Kenny Wong, and later scanned into the game. From the screenshots, it looks like some inspiration was taken from Donnie Darko. Virtual high five if you know what I’m talking about. Take a look at the rest of the shots for a look at the rest of our criminally insane, action-figure-esque characters. Expect the game next year.

LOS ANGELES (August 16, 2010) – Square Enix, Inc., the publisher of SQUARE ENIX® interactive entertainment products in North America, announced today GUN LOCO™, an exciting, all-new approach to the third-person shooter genre. Currently in development exclusively for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, GUN LOCO offers single and multiplayer gameplay in a sprint-action shooter format.

At the farthest reaches of the solar system, a collection of the craziest criminals in the universe are incarcerated on a remote prison planet with no walls and forgotten by society. In this long-abandoned world, the only rule is anarchy, as each faction fights in a bloodthirsty race for survival, power and freedom. Through several seven climate zones and numerous stylized maps, players must fight through the ruins of the world’s previous civilizations, taking on each region’s inmates in a frantic and frenetic struggle to survive.

Featuring third-person, sprint-action shooter gameplay, players can assume the roles of unique and memorable characters in a game that redefines the run-and-gun shooter. While pursuing enemies and being chased by their opponents, players must make use of the sprint-action play by running, jumping, ducking and vaulting, using the environments to their advantage. With a powerful arsenal of weapons at their disposal, each character comes complete with their own kill move, coupled with a mocking take-down taunt to ridicule their victims. The frenzied and furious comic style gameplay comes into its own with full 12-player online multiplayer matches across the planet, with a range of game modes and multiplayer arenas.

GUN LOCO’s characters feature a unique visual style with each created from the original design concepts of respected designer and toy maker Kenny Wong. Founder of kennyswork, Co-founder of Hong Kong-based Brothersfree and co-creator of the cult Brothersworker series of collectible action figures, Kenny’s incredible design style and unique characterization are a perfect fit for the bizarre world of GUN LOCO. Painstakingly crafted by hand, each comic caricature has been designed from scratch as a real, posable action figure in the Brothersworker vein before being digitally scanned into the game. GUN LOCO brings these memorable misfits and surreal sociopaths to life through animation, audio and unforgettable action gameplay.

GUN LOCO will be available in 2011 on Xbox 360. You can find out more at http://www.gunloco.com.
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