Spyborgs – Imminent beat ‘em up release for the Wii

by: Tina -
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Attention Wii owners! Spyborgs is coming to our Nintendo console on September 22nd. Sypborgs, published by Capcom, is a two-player co-op action game involving cybernetic secret agents. Who could say no to cybernetic secret agents? The beat ‘em up game is graced with some RPG elements, as you’ll be able to pick characters with unique abilities and use XP to upgrade them. You get to choose between three characters: Clandestine, Bouncer, and Stinger.

Being that it’s on the Wii, the developers managed to make some use of the Wii remote and nunchuk by creating the additional gameplay feature of special finishing moves. The special moves are enacted in slow motion, making for an even more epic kill. Check the videos below for some sneak peaks on Bouncer and Stinger. As you can see, the game is quite aptly described as an action-packed beat ‘em up. You’ll be getting more than 35 stages of something to the effect of what you see here.

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