Spring update for Jade Dynasty inbound

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Perfect World is bring some new content to Jade Dynasty users this spring and it should provide some warm an fuzzies for players of the MMORPG. Releasing on March 17th, players will get access to new maps, more quests for higher level characters and a brand new set of advanced skills, which seems to be the most requested updates per the release. Here is a complete breakout of what is coming:
  • New Vitalic Quests – Complete a series of quests for Ascended players level 120 and above to unlock the Chroma skill system
  • New Chroma Skill System – Dozens of new skills with four unique skills per faction; the unlocking and incorporation of the new Vigor resource
  • Dragon Mountain – For Ascended players level 90 and above, unlock the three Dragon Gates to reach the fourth and final Empyrean Gate; collect Chroma beads and experience to upgrade your skills on the way
  • Elysium – Opened after players server wide work together to unlock the fourth and final Empyrean Gate in Dragon Mountain
  • New Gear Available – Gain access to the highest level of gear available in the game to date
  • New Quests – A new selection of daily Dispatcher quests will be made available for Ascended players
  • Unique Server Progression – Players will turn in items from daily quests for a chance to unlock the final Dragon Gates and Empyrean Gates
  • Updated Event User Interface – Event calendar is now streamlined, so players can get the most out of their daily events
Spring Content Update Arrives to Jade Dynasty on March 17

March 10, 2011 - Foster City, Calif., - Perfect World Entertainment Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Perfect World Co., Ltd. (NASDAQ: PWRD), today announced that players of its martial arts action MMORPG, Jade Dynasty, can look forward to the release of the Spring Content Update on March 17.

"Jade Dynasty has a dedicated following and with the 2011 Spring Content Update, we are catering to our most veteran players by releasing some of the most requested features including new maps, higher level quests and an entirely new set of advanced skills," said Dean Sakurai, Product Manager for Jade Dynasty. "We look forward to seeing both new as well as familiar faces in-game on March 17th and with so much new content coming out, there's no reason for players not to take their characters to the limit and ascend."

More information on the Spring Content Update can be found on the official Jade Dynasty website at http://JD.PerfectWorld.com/.

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