Splitfish showing off three new controllers at Gamescom

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Splitfish makes some nice controllers for the PlayStation 3 and at Gamescom, they are going to show off three new ones. If you're going to the event, you can check out the new FragFx Piranha, FragFx Barracuda, and the FragFx Shark. In addition, they are also going to be showing off the Frag Fx Evolution Motion with new features for both left and right handed gamers.

New premium wireless and wired Hybrid Mouse Controllers will also be there and I've used a few of these to play FPS games on the PlayStation 3. They do an admirable job of providing a mouse and WASD setup for a console if rather play games that way than a regular console controller.
Splitfish to Unveil Three Additions to Its Revolutionary "MUST HAVE" PlayStation 3 Controller Line, at Gamescom 2010

ZURICH / EDMONTON - JULY 27, 2010 - Leading gaming peripherals manufacturer Splitfish Gameware® announced today that three new additions to their product line-up would be showcased at the 2010 Gamescom, taking place August 18-22, in Cologne, Germany. Splitifish's booth will be located at Business Area: Hall 4.2, Gang F/Nr.043.

The Splitfish FRAGFX line-up includes three bold new controllers, The FRAGFX Piranha, The FRAGFX Barracuda and The FRAGFX Shark. These additions provide an extended variety of innovative, affordable, high quality new peripherals promising to be the most intuitive and customizable solutions ever offered to high performance gamers for the Sony PlayStation 3.

2010 Splitfish Product List:
§ FragFx SHARK (NEW!)
§ FragFx EVOLUTION MOTION with (NEW!) special features for LEFT OR RIGHT HANDED GAMERS

"Sony® had an excellent showing of new releases this year with the PlayStation 3, and we've developed an extended line of 2010 products that complement the PS3 console and bring a variety of periphery choices to enhance the PS3 gaming experience overall. The controllers have some surprisingly excellent capabilities; such as dual platform compliance, full PC support and extremely low power consumption. We are excited to be showing these for the first time at Gamescom 2010." comment Jason Johnson, Head of Creative Development for Splitfish.

MOUSE FPS GAMING for Sony PlayStation 3
SPLITFISH AG will unveil its NEW premium wireless and wired, controller additions of HYBRID MOUSE CONTROLLERS for PS3. Features are varied between the controllers, but all provide a "best of both worlds" of FPS control that combines the MOUSE ACCURACY previously only possible on PC's - with the dynamic movement control of a console analog stick instead of the - all or nothing - function of WASD keyboard movement. A variety of other specialized features are also a standard part of the FRAGFX LINE periphery design - This is part of the core Splitfish design philosophy allowing gamers to customize their gameplay interaction and provide the ultimate experience for individual game genres and game content.

MOTION CONTROLLERS, that don't compromise gameplay accuracy, are another innovative combination being introduced by SPLITFISH.

The NEW EVOLUTION MOTION CONTROLLER - with special features for LEFT OR RIGHT HANDED GAMERS will be on display at Gamescom 2010. This controller allow an "on the fly" switch to motion control of the RIGHT or LEFT analog stick as well as stick SWAP functions and button swaps for more comfortable gameplay for LEFT HANDED GAMERS. Keeping with the SPLITFISH philosophy that "not all game content, or gamer, is suited to only one type of game controller input device", SPLITFISH developed this MOTION option so that gamers have a convenient, in game, switch between ANALOG STICK accuracy and MOTION as the perfect compliment to sports, driving and casual game content. The EVOLUTION provides a unique and excellent two-handed game experience with FIFA 10 - and also has some customizations for fan favorites such as TEKKEN 6 and many more.
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