Splinter Cell DA gets female agent and new DLC

by: Dan -
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UBI announced that new downloadable content will be coming to Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Double Agent, and will feature the first female agent in the series. The character will be titled 'Spy Girl' and she will be usable in multiplayer mode. Also of note, she is not exclusive to the PS3 version as originally thought.

The downloadable content will also include two new multiplayer maps - Kinshasa and NSA. Kinshasa will b e the first multiplayer level in bright sunlight, which will pose problems when trying to remain stealthy.  From Ubisoft:

"The development team of Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Double Agent™ brings you brand new Multiplayer contents available for download, including a new character (the Spy Girl) and two new maps.  The news maps will take place in Kinshasa and the secret base of the NSA. For the first time in the multiplayer mode of Splinter Cell, you will be able to play in the daylight. This will be even harder for you to succeed in your mission.  Discover the new Spy Girl character, coming along with its own set of skin and animations, that will allow you to play with a nimbler and faster character."

No pricing or release dates have been announced as of yet.  Additional screens after the jump.
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