Splinter Cell Conviction still PC and 360 only

by: John -
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I know that a lot of games that are exclusive to the 360 gets rumors of being released for the PS3. Which is funny because it doesn't seem to ever be rumors of a PS3 exclusive heading to the 360 other than Metal Gear Solid 4.  First it was BioShock, which eventually did make it to the PS3. We've had recent stories of Mass Effect 2 being put out there where some folks found code and thought it was heading to the PS3.

Well, you can still count Splinter Cell: Conviction as being a 360/PC exclusive. Ubisoft stated in a conference call that the game's not heading to the PS3 yet or at all. Sorry PlayStation 3 owners. I will say I had a ton of fun at CES playing the demo so I'm pretty stoked about the game. Maybe in the future it will come out to the Sony console but for now, it's just PC and 360.
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