Spike TV Awards - 1 hour in

by: Chuck -
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With nothing else on TV tonight I ended up watching the Spike TV Video Game Awards while I worked on some reviews and news postings.  Rather than live blog this sorry and painful event I'm going to post a few observations based on the first hour of the show:
- There are a few funny moments but I don' think they were intentional
- Tenacious D as the opener was pretty sweet but they performed the same song (with the same dude in the suit) on Saturday Night Live a few weeks back.
- I'm not sure what 50 cent had before coming out but he had a lot of it
- You can tell gaming has infiltrated pop culture as there are a few decent attempts at inside game jokes.  They suck but it's an attempt.  The rest of the jokes are based on lame gaming stereotypes (the annoying girlfriend, the fat slob gamer, Cosplay)
- I don't feel as bad about my mispronunciations and stumbling in the Digital Crack Report after watching most of the presenters
- Seth Green rocks
- I can't really complain about the award winners, too bad we knew about them over the weekend when this was shot
- Product placements FTW
 - WTF is Michael Irvin doing on this show?
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