Spider-Man: Total Mayhem in 3D?

by: John -
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The EVO 3D is coming out soon and Sprint has sent me an ad in my email touting the latest smart phone in their lineup. I'm an owner of the original EVO 4G so I'm anxiously awaiting the update to come out so I can have me some dual-core, qHD screen goodness.

Now, one of the things that I was wondering was what 3D games will be available to take advantage of the handset. Well, from the looks of the ad, Gameloft's Spider-Man: Total Mayhem maybe one of those games that takes advantage of this feature.

Is it going to look good though? The 3DS has some good features that utilize the 3D aspect so I'm hoping developers can churn out some good 3D content to take advantage of the phone.

I'll be picking up the phone on launch day whenever that is, and if Spider-Man is one of the games that will work out in 3D, I'll be sure to check it out and let you know my impressions of the game and the 3D effect.


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