Spelunky coming to XBLA in HD form

by: Jeremy -
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 I am, admittedly, late to the game as I just discovered the wonderful indie game Spelunky last week.  The game is a throwback to classic 8-bit style adventure games, putting the player into the shoes of a Indiana Jones-esque adventurer and his adventures through randomly generated cavernous environments.  The game is charming and an absolute blast to play... and it is officially coming to the Xbox Live Arcade later this year!
The official website for the freeware PC game has been updated with a placeholder page for the pending XBLA version of the game.  According to the information listed on the official site the game being reproduced with hi-res, hand painted graphics, new lighting and graphical effects, achievements, online leaderboards, and all new game modes.  The game is looking gorgeous in the early shots posted on the site.  If you want to get a feel for the original while you wait, you can download the original game for free at the official website.

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