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Speedball 2 was a game I invested a lot of time on back in the day.  The Bitmap Brothers classic featured rival gangs working out their differences in a highly violent sport that was a mishmash of basketball, football, and hockey.

The folks at Vivid Games are bringing the game back and giving it a shiny HD makeover so that current generation gamers can get in on the fun. In addition to fancy new graphics the game will receive six new arenas, new formations, and allow players to build teams from 330 unique players. I'm a bit surprised it's taken someone this long to give the game a remake as it was a bit of a big deal back when it came out.  Here's a trailer to give you an idea of what you can expect from the game when it's released to Steam and GetGames on December 5th.

Speedball 2 HD Going Full-Throttle on PC

Hitting Steam and GetGames on December 5

LONDON, November 19, 2013 ­ Most people forget their godfather. He gets lost in the mists of time as we grow older - unless of course excellent birthday and Christmas presents arrive and remind us of his influence on our younger days. With Christmas heaving into view, the folks at Mastertronic are reintroducing two Godfathers of indie gaming and want you to come along for the ride ­ reintroducing a revamped edition of a classic, unforgettable indie just in time for the holidays, Speedball 2 HD!

Speedball 2 HD has been developed by Vivid Games‹hailed as Indie Developer of 2013 by Appster‹and designed, directed and produced by Jon Hare and Mike Montgomery (The Bitmap Brothers) and will release on Steam and Get Games on December 5 for $9.99. Featuring over 330 unique players, new formations and six new arenas of frenetic future sports action, Speedball 2 HD is as hard as nails and as lovely as an unexpected gift from a godfather you had somehow forgotten.

In the Œ90s Sensible Software and The Bitmap Brothers were two of the leading lights of the independent development scene, releasing a batch of games that have become classics and inspired many of today¹s leading Indies to get into game development. Sensible World of Soccer, The Chaos Engine, Magic Pockets and Cannon Fodder are some of the amazing games Jon Hare and Mike Montgomery helped bring to the world of gaming.

³Over the years so many of today¹s Indie developers have been telling us how much our games meant to them, some asking us to bring them back on digital formats and some even begging us to be able to get involved with the development themselves,² said Jon Hare. ³Speedball 2 HD proves that the synergy between old classic titles and modern digital formats, along with wise old heads working with fresh new talent has never been stronger.²

³Speedball 2 HD is a faithful remake of the original futuristic cybersports game,² said Mike Montgomery. ³It is as arresting and enjoyable as ever and we¹ve added some cool updates to allow today¹s gamers to connect with it on their favorite platforms.²

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