Speed Demos Archive raises over $1 million in the fight against cancer

by: Russell -
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Somehow I'm not sure how I missed posting about this, but this past week Speed Demos Archive had their annual Awesome Games Done Quick marathon event.  During the event many talented players sped through many different games ranging from the classic NES to more modern systems and PC games all while raising money for the Prevent Cancer Foundation.  In the past they've raised some impressive amounts for various causes, but I think this year topped them all.

Earlier this morning the donation total hit over $1 million.  Yes, $1 million raised for the fight against cancer.  That's just amazing, and while the main marathon is over (the final game, Chrono Trigger, ended early this morning), they're still streaming some bonus content as we speak.  To check out the stream and help donate to the cause, check out www.twitch.tv/speeddemosarchivesda.  As of this posting the current donation total is $1,012,076.49.  If you missed any of the event, definitely check out the Twitch archives for some amazing gameplay including a four-way Super Metroid race that went down to the wire and a 16-star Super Mario 64 run done single handed.

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