Speed Demos Archive playing games quickly to help beat cancer

by: Russell -
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The people over at Speed Demos Archive have recently started up their annual Awesome Games Done Quick marathon.  The marathon started earlier today and will go on through early Sunday morning and features many gamers speeding through various games, from classics to some modern games...but a lot of classics.

Viewers can make donations for different prizes, or to even alter some of the speed runs.  For instance, at the time of this post the current game being played is Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island.  Initially an any percentage run, viewers could donate towards making the run a 100% run (when you donate, you can ask the donation to go for any run that hasn't taken place yet if there's an option for it, and towards any prizes currently up for grabs).  This is all being done for a great cause as all donations go to the Prevent Cancer Foundation.

To check out the stream, head on over to marathon.speeddemosarchive.com.
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